Your device, our care

What kind of services can you expect from QMOSS?

Question is, what not? Thanks to our large stock of spare parts for various brands, we almost always have every part in stock that might need repairing or replacing. Please find below an impression of our scope of possibilities.

Is the screen damaged or fully broken? We will replace this for you.

Replacing a mainboard is also no problem.

Is your device not able to switch on? We will intensively analyze and find the issue.

All (small) parts are in stock.

We can even replace defective cradles / loading docks.

Do you encounter troubles with audio or image? Even these problems can QMOSS fix.

Which devices can be repaired by QMOSS?

Basically, we can repair all brands of mobile data computers, tablet PC's, label printers, barcode scanners and other (rugged) handhelds, that are used in a B2B environment. QMOSS is service partner of brands like M3 Mobile®, Bluebird/Pideon®, Point Mobile® and Gen2Wave®. As authorized service center we can provide in-warranty repairs and out-of-warranty repair for many other brands.