Enterprise Mobility Management Infrastructure


SOTI Mobicontrol

QMOSS has developed a high-end MDM Service infrastructure for small, medium and large enterprises, based on SOTI Mobicontrol, one of the most reliable Mobile Device Management Systems. Every day, our systems manage several thousand customer devices. Our customers rely on our infrastructure to help them in several ways to professionally manage their mobile equipment in the field.

Our infrastructure runs in a secure and safe web-based environment. Your own System Engineers can manage and control your mobile devices to ensure your employees a great work experience. The latest pricelist, documents, applications, safety instructions and so on will be pushed over the air to your users. If your employees suddenly encounter unexpected problems with the equipment your System Engineers will be able to fix the problem from a distance. Only in situations where the product is physically damaged or no longer able to connect to the internet you should ask your employee to send the product to your main office or directly to our QMOSS Repair Service department by starting an RMA procedure.

Compliant Services

If, for whatever reason, your company is not able to support its own employees in the field (lack of time, staff, knowledge, etc.) you are always able to fall back on the QMOSS MDM specialists. Our engineers will start up the requested support service using our QMOSS EMM infrastructure to help your employees at any moment.